Excerpts From Boots On The Ground

Boots on the Ground is a blog depicting the life of an American soldier fighting in Iraq. In a previous blog entry he discusses a film named “Over There,” which was shown on FX.

“There are a few bad war movies and TV shows, but this one takes the cake. If the inaccuracies they made in this new show was to keep the real enemy from watching and knowing our real war tactics, then they did a superb job.

The first thing I noticed that was fucked up about the TV show was US soldiers on the outskirts of a city behind a small barn in a fire fight with insurgents. I guess you have to be in the military to understand how ABSURD a small group of 10 or so soldiers in a pitched battle with insurgents which lasts for three days. Where the hell is the backup? There are also females in this battle. If the military knows it is sending soldiers into a battle there would not be female soldiers on the front line with the Grunts. Also, I would like the miracle drug they are using to be fighting for 3 days and not eat at all…..

This one soldier remarks how all the soldiers are ‘monsters,’ but he is proud to be a monster. Any time I fired my weapon, it was to protect myself and my buddies. I don’t have any kind of guilty conscience and neither do the other guys.

Information from Boots on the Ground

As leadership in America increasingly is composed of men who never served in the military let alone got into combat. Their only knowledge of fighting comes from movies, that’s why Bush did a Tom Cruise when he flew onto the aircraft carrier dressed in full military regalia. Anyone who has participated in combat or intensely studied the subject knows the average soldier does not regard himself as a “monster.” As the blog indicates, the main focus of men in combat is their own life and the lives of friends. Those concerns come before country.