Exhausted Soldier Dies in Iraq

Family members of Pfc Andre Craig, who died Monday in Iraq, blamed his death on being completely exhausted from the strain of fighting. Craig who recently had been home to see his daughter told his godfather, Erik Brown, that conditions in Iraq were deplorable, women were getting raped and the soldiers were physically exhausted. Brown commented: “He was very tired, he was exhausted…They are terrorizing each other(in Iraq) and we have our soldiers in the middle of a civil war.”

Slowly but surely, Republican senators are beginning to grasp what anti-war people have been saying for years — we are trapped in a civil war and must leave. Men and women are being redeployed back to Iraq without sufficient time off to recuperate. The human body can only endure so much stress in fighting. Americans today do not realize that in World War II most soldiers got time off from the front lines on a regular basis in order to maintain their fighting efficiency. Under the Bush “surge” this is not possible. Who knows if exhaustion played a role in the death of Pfc. Craig. We hope not.