Families Suffer Aiding Wounded Soldiers

Sarah Wade told a congressional committee that she was fired from her restaurant job because she continually had to take time off to get her wounded husband to Walter Reed hospital for needed medical treatment. He lost an arm and suffered multiple injuries due to a road mine explosion and now must get ongoing assistance at Walter Reed hospital. Mrs. Wade was fired by her employer because she continually had to take time off for hospital visits. “The long term financial challenges,” she told members of Congress, “faced by the care providers of our severely injured service members are daunting.”

The current Family and Medical Leave Act provides 12 weeks of unpaid leave for those facing medical emergencies. This story illustrates some of the aftermath effects of the Bush war in Iraq. Mrs. Wade is entitled to more than 12 or 24 weeks of unpaid family leave, she is entitled to financial assistance so she can help her injured husband without having to work. President Bush is very concerned about tax problems faced by the wealthy and will seek to help them, one can only wonder if he ever thinks about the Mrs. Wades of this world.