Firepower Forward – Armour

The following is an excellent entry from the blog of Firepower Forward that we offer on Memorial Day to all those who died or continue suffering from the insanity of the Bush war. Unfortunately, people in the Bush administration don’t read such blogs.

“I’ve been maintaining an ongoing skirmish with a small segment of the population of Glenwood Spring, Colorado and the encompassing Roaring Fork Valley through the editorial pages of the local newspaper there: Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

The entire Roaring Fork Valley has become decidedly more liberal in its political views since my upbringing there, and while there is no intent or desire to sway that through my prosaic jousts, it does make for good debate from time to time and I mainly continue the sparing because my mother likes to occasionally see my name in the paper.

There was a recent letter that I think deserves a bit more widespread scrutiny though, that from the mother of a new soldier apparently in or on his way to Iraq. Among other things that Ms. Nicholls states that sustaining casualties from IEDs in Iraq is preventable. All we need to do is provide up-armored Humvees to every soldier in Iraq….

Deaths of American troops by wayside bombs may very well be preventable, but when we are seeing IEDs in Iraq with enough lethality to destroy Stryker vehicles and M1 tanks, conventional wisdom tells us that throwing more armor on a Hummer isn’t the method that is going to achieve those ends. Adding more armor on a Hummer has a diminishing marginal utility. More armor is not only more expensive but the additional weight reduces the performance and handling of the vehicle, which plays its own factor in endangering troops….

Militarily, we can’t stop the lethality of IEDs from increasing nor can we achieve a high rate of success in preventing those intent on emplacing them from doing so. The solution lies in removing the desire to emplace them, and that solution is not primarily a military one, but a political one.”

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