From Afganistan To Pakistan With Death

The boundary between Afghanistan and Pakistan weaves through mountains and valleys making it virtually impossible for determination of an exact line. US led forces in Afghanistan fied across the border into Pakistan seeking to strike at Taliban militants but the only resulting killing was that of two women and two children. The attack illustrates American belief Taliban forces are finding refuge in the northwest region which is controlled by numerous tribal chieftains. Al-Qaida and the Taliban use Pakistan’s lawless border area as a base for attacks in Afghanistan. On Thusday, a suicide bomber rammed a convoy of US troops in Kabul and killed six civilians.

An Associated Press reporter was led by villagers in Tangrai to the ruble of the house hit in the cross border attack. One cried, “We are poor people, just trying to earn a living.” In Afghanistan, a spokesperson for the American led coalition said troops used “precision-guided munitions” in an effort to hit a compound, and they were responding to an “imminent threat.” Pakistan authorities asked the Americans to explain why there was a mistake but no on expects an answer other than the precise missile hit the wrong target.

The killing goes on, innocent civilians continue dying, and precision bombs continue hitting the wrong target. It was just another day on the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan.