General Petraeus– “Dead Flat Wrong” Says Biden

Senator Joseph Biden, Chair of Foreign Relations Committee, termed the expected recommendations of General Petraeus to maintain current military strategy as “dead flat wrong.” Biden agreed there was some mild change in further security in Baghdad, but the remainder of the nation still witnesses violence and chaos. Senator Kerry joined Biden in arguing the need for changes including establishing deadlines for withdrawal. Kerry said if we failed to set a deadline, the Iraqi governments is “simply going to use our presence as cover for their willingness to delay.”

There is little question General Petraeus is going to give some variation of “stay the course” in Tuesday’s report to Congress. He will argue about reduction in the number of violent activities in Baghdad. But, General Petraeus will fail to note how over the past several months, most of Baghdad’s Sunni population has been forced to flee the capital and their homes have been taken over by Shiite families. This means many Sunnis are outside of Baghdad where their anger will cause violence.