Government Employees Are Source Of Debt!

Interviews with members of the Tea Party and many bystanders at recent demonstrations in Madison, Wisconsin, reveals a strong belief their state’s economic problems are the result of lavish payments to government employees. There are constant complaints about extravagant retirement payments, lavish health benefits, and the good life for those who work for the government. State averages reveal the medium teacher salary is about $51,000 a year. That breaks down to about $4000 a month, and after federal and state taxes the family will have about $3200 a month to enjoy the good life of a wealthy person. Governor Walker is simply another in a string of Republican lawmakers who seek to gain power and fame by taking on teachers, firemen and policemen who they cast as the source of our $13 Trillion debt. Republicans wail about extravagant civil servant salaries while granting the wealthy in our nation untold riches through means of lower taxes.

Do many civil servants receive excessive pensions, most probably that is a reality. But, if one added up all the pensions paid to civil servants this year it would be less than the $140 billion bonus payments to Wall Street bankers the past Christmas. The fault lies not in schools, it lies in the banking establishments of this nation.