How Many is Many?

Afghan authorities differ sharply with American and Coalition officials regarding the number of dead civilians in the latest air attacks. The American and NATO military claims 62 dead insurgents and minor civilian casualties, but Afghan leaders beg to differ. Dr. Dur Ali Shah, mayor of Gereshek says there are at least 50-60 dead civilians and about 35 dead Taliban.

The basic problem in Afghanistan is lack of sufficient ground troops which then requires extensive reliance on air power. During the Vietnam War the Airforce gave daily numbers of how many Viet Cong died because of air strikes. Invariably it was apparent flying 20,000 fleet in the sky made impossible determining who was a Viet Cong and who was an innocent civilian. Five years later we are still suffering from failure during the initial invasion of Afghanistan to send in a large army and completely wipe out Osama bin Laden and the Taliban. Such an approach didn’t jibe with “General” Rumsfeld’s ideas.