JAG Imprisoned and Dismissed for Defending Rights of Guantanamo Prisoners

A week ago we wrote about the case of Lt. Cmdr. Matthew Diaz who passed on documents to a civil rights lawyer seeking to defend Gitmo prisoners. Diaz had printed out information to assist a civil rights lawyer in New York, Barbara Olshansky, in order to help her litigate on behalf of detainees. Essentially, he provided her the names and other information about these men.

The jury only needed three hours to find him guilty, but did find him innocent on the charge of printing a document “with intent or reason to believe that the said information was to be used to the injury of the United States or to the advantage of a foreign nation.” Diaz immediately is being placed in the brig, but will be allowed to receive his pay due to heavy family obligations.

Navy defense Attorney, Patrick McLain, asked Diaz be given a reprimand since “he had the right motive in his mind. It was right to fight to get the government to do the right thing, but there are ways to do it so that we wouldn’t be in the process we’re in today.”

I beg to differ with McLain. The reason we are in the current situation today at Gitmo is not because of honest men like Diaz, but due to policies conceived by men who have lied and betrayed this nation. Diaz is a victim who attempted to stand up against the system and ask it to do the right thing, but that is the last thing Attorney General Gonzales or anyone in the Bush administration is seeking. Isn’t it sickening that honest men are being punished while the real culprits are collecting heft speaking fees and living it up.
Information from Army Times