John Edwards Bows Out Of Presidential Race

Senator John Edwards will announce today his decision to exit the presidential nomination process and, most probably for the moment, end his political career. He endeavored to inject concern during the nomination process in issues related to the needs of poor people, but apparently his message was not strong enough to be heard by the American people. His announcement will be made in New Orleans where his original intention was to make a speech about poverty.

It is quite clear to John Edwards after failing to make a strong showing in South Carolina and now doing poorly in Florida that his chance to obtain the Democratic Party nomination for president is not merely a long shot, it is an impossible dream. He bows out with his head held high and in knowledge he, among all candidates, attempted to focus on the needs and aspirations of poor people. In this day and age, the underclass of America is not in the minds and hearts of people. The only remaining question is whether or not Edwards will endore Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.