Last June…

…three U.S. soldiers were kidnapped and murdered near Baghdad. Two officers have been relieved of their command for failure to supervise the operation. It appears insurgents may have rehearsed the attack two days earlier and Iraqi forces near the Americans most probably saw and heard the attack but “chose to not become an active participant in the attack on either side.” The report blamed complacency and lack of adherence to high military standards. The men were told to stand guard for up to 36 hours with just one Humvee and there were no barriers on the road to slow access to them or to provide early warning.

The report also noted the platoon lacked supervision or direction and was damaged by loss of 10 troops killed earlier in action. I recall during the 2004 presidential campaign that President Bush boasted in rebuttal to claims of Kerry that about 100,000 well trained Iraqi soldiers were ready for combat. Does anyone else recall that claim? This incident is but one of hundreds in which Iraqi soldiers are either not trained or not willing to fight against the insurgency. Yes, there was dereliction on the part of officers. But, equally guilty in the death of these men is dereliction on the part of George Bush to allow sufficient troops to be sent to Iraq, dereliction on the part of George Bush to be honest about how many Iraqi soldiers were prepared for action, and dereliction on the part of George Bush for getting these men in a position where they might be killed. And, let’s be clear, Donald Rumsfeld served at the discretion of the president so Bush is responsible, no one else.
Information from Army Times