Letter to The Stars & Stripes

“I am a sixth generation 15 year veteran. Why is Bush doing whatever he wants with apparent disregard for what the people want? The only thing he is doing is upping the bad guy’s body count. When is he going to realize that this is a war we cannot win.

Quit sending Americans to die. It saddens me that I am now ashamed for the first time to be an American. Someone has to pull the reins on bush and this nonsense and fix the problems at home.”

Spc. Charles Zimmerman, Logistics Support Area Anaconda, Iraq

“I was appalled when I read reports on the disgraceful conditions at Walter Reed Army Medical Center’s Building 18 which houses our troops who are recuperating from combat injuries suffered in Iraq and Afghanistan. The news, on top of so many other reports on lack of protective equipment for our troops in combat, lack of care and recognition for our returning heroes and families, the erosion of benefits for veterans, etc… has made me reflect on the meaning of ‘support our troops.’ It does not just mean sending more troops into harm’s way; it does not mean just sticking a yellow ribbon on one’s car; it does not mean using them as a pawn to win a political argument; and it certainly does not mean disparaging those who do not support the war.”

Major Dorian de Wind, (ret)

“My sarcasm notwithstanding, the idea that insurgents in Iraq have somehow forgotten that America is over there, and that if US forces pulled out they would line up at an Iraqi Airway ticket counter for the first nonstop to new York City with C-4 in their carry-ons is patently absurd. I would think there was a better chance of the Viet Cong invading Hawaii in 1975.

Espousing this ridiculous ‘I’d rather fight them over here then there’ logic serves only to protract the war by throwing fuel on the flames. We will indeed by fighting them over there, pointlessly and through unabated suffering for God knows how many years as long as thinking (i.e. non-thinking) like this is mistaken as a legitimate point in the debate.

Furthermore, Veterans for Peace members are no more guilty of shaming their services and families than ill-informed service members who sustain such harmful illusions.”

Sgt. Brian Bridges, Wiesbaden, Germany

In a letter to the Stars & Stripes, a navy lieutenant raises questions about critics who claim liberals are not supporting our troops.

“Indeed, there is an abundance of philosophies among our ranks, this diversity is what makes our country and military strong and keeps me in. But, getting more practical, if we get very general and categorize 9as many do)liberals as not supporting our troops, why do so many decorated war veterans and senators belong to the Democratic Party? And, why are they with the most children serving with us here in Iraq? Why don’t more sons and daughters of the decidedly non-liberals who put us here get involved?”

Navy Lt. Bob Olson, Camp Victory, Iraq
Perhaps, Rudy Giuliani could respond to the lieutenant’s questions…

  • DID YOU KNOW? The Pentagon ships bodies of dead soldiers killed in Iraq or
    Afghanistan to the nearest major airport? Families have to pay to cover costs from the airport to their home town.
  • DID YOU KNOW? The armed forces have announced, due to lack of money, they will be unable to organize receptions for returning members of the military when they meet their families.

    Maybe George Bush could ask his lobbyist friends to chip in with some money to pay for the receptions. Heck, it would be pocket change for them.
  • DID YOU KNOW? The Pentagon does not pay the full cost of burying soldiers? The Hawthorne family in McKeesport, Pennsylvania was only given $4000 for a funeral that cost $14,000. A patriotic funeral parlor forgave the rest.
  • DID YOU KNOW? Expenses incurred by the Air Force in dealing with Hurricane Katrina came out of its operating budget?
  • DID YOU KNOW? That Donald Rumsfeld’s wife visited the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in October, 2006 and was told about the poor conditions in which soldiers were being treated? As far as we know, she said and did nothing.
  • DID YOU KNOW? The Department of Defense lists 23,000 wounded soldiers, but there are over 30,000 cases of post traumatic stress? Joe Nicholson, (former Chair of the Republican National Committee) Secretary of Veterans Affairs, believes the higher number stems from those in need of dental care.?

I guess old Joe is going to get a slap on the back from Bush for the wonderful job he is doing with Veterans.