Marine Corps Leader -No Civil War in Iraq

General Conway, commander of the Marine Corps is disturbed at the media’s reporting of events in Iraq. “There’s a level of negativism in our press today that our young troops find a little bit disconcerting.” There have been numerous polls taken of troop attitudes and it appears almost half of those fighting in Iraq would rather be somewhere else. General Conway added, “The fact is there is no civil war taking place, there is certainly sectarian strife.”

Several generals who commanded troops in the early stages of the war in Iraq have, one back in civilian life, expressed their dismay at the entire Iraq War situation. In the 1930s, German generals turned their backs on efforts that would have thrown Hitler from power because they didn’t want to take a negative attitude toward the leader of their nation. If General Conway wants anyone to take his comments seriously, he had better take a good look in Iraq and see the civil war that is raging.