Marine General Admits Foul Ups on Equipment

General James Conway of the Marine Corps admitted that getting our fighting men needed war equipment has “not been perfect” and noted of 100 urgent requests for equipment from February, 2006 to today only about 10% were provided. He blamed the failure on “a combination of bureaucratic inertia and vested interests in existing programs.”

I don’t doubt General Conway’s statement since he undoubtedly places the interests of marines at the highest order of his priorities. I find puzzling his refusal to identify who is to blame other than making generalities about “bureaucratic inertia.” People control bureaucracies and those people whose failures have resulted in the deaths of American marines should be identified, placed on court martial or charged with crimes if they are civilians. The greatest failure in the war in Iraq is refusal or inability to punish those responsible for our failures. Unfortunately, those responsible are top level bureaucrats, not the average marine fighting in a foxhole. Doesn’t Conway owe some allegiance for those on the front lines?