McCain Goes North, Canada Wishes He’d Go South!

Senator John McCain is in Ottawa this weekend to give a speech before a conservative business group in which he undoubtedly will blast NAFTA and claim to be on the side of American workers. There will be no meeting with Prime Minister Harper who is not thrilled with having the American politician anywhere near him given the strong support for Barack Obama that polls reveal in Canada. Harper is still embarrassed over the leaked memo which supposedly claimed Obama was speaking out of both sides of his mouth about NAFTA. Senator McCain will give a presentation to Canadian businessmen who, most probably, do not agree with his views on Iraq or Afghanistan, but will politely listen.

John McCain insists he is against NAFTA although there is no record of his opposition to the idea when it was successfully passed a Republican controlled congress in the 1990s. He has strongly supported George Bush economic ideas such as reducing taxes for the wealthy, but the senator seeks to come across as a friend of the worker. McCain opposes national health insurance, extending unemployment benefits for the unemployed, additional aid for child care, but as far as the man from the west is concerned, supporting interests of the wealthy is what workers in America desire.

Prime Minister Harper would just like the Republican candidate to get out of his country and quit reminding Canadians that his government helped the Republicans this past spring. This is not a springime for McCain in Canada.