Military Blogs Increasingly Anti-War

The Marine Corps Times reports there is evidence that more members of the military are questioning the legitimacy of the war in Iraq. As some return for second or third or even fourth deployments some are now expressing deep reservations on their blogs about Iraq. Technically speaking, a member of the military who openly expresses negative comments could risk administrative punishments called Article 15s. It is not clear if this has been done to any soldier or marine.

Spc. Eleonai Israel was court-martialed and given a less than honorable discharge last month after refusing to go on combat missions. “The truth will come out, and there is nothing they can do to hide it. The occupation is a disaster. I’m convinced that everyday it continues that it makes American and the Iraqis less safe.”

The Army last spring introduced new restrictions on what members of the military can express on their blogs.

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