Money For Veterans or Millionaires?

Senator Barry Sanders, a liberal, clashed with Senator Larry Craig, R-Idaho, who headed the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee until Democrats took control of the Senate. Craig opposed proposals by Sanders to increase veteran burial benefits and increase funding for cars equipped to handle handicapped veterans. Craig also opposed a proposal to allow more veterans to receive medical benefits. According to Craig: “I am concerned that if we flood the system and don’t find the funds we are in for consequences.” By the way, Senator Craig voted for Bush tax cuts that benefited millionaires.

Barry Sanders had an appropriate response to Craig and his fellow Republicans: “Before I give tax breaks to Paris Hilton’s parents and other millionaires, I want to make certain we take care of our veterans.”

i wish every American could read this exchange, particularly those who believe Democrats don’t care about our fighting men and women. Republicans never worry about deficits and being able to fund tax cuts, it’s only when the topic shifts to the military or poor people they become concerned about how to fund deficits.