Most Insurgents Not From Iraq

In an intelligence report published last week, an Iraqi officer, General Rashid Fleih, concluded insurgents were being moved into Iraq from Syria where they obtain passports, necessary documents, and phone numbers to call upon arrival.

The Iraqi officer provides no evidence to back up his claim, but for the moment, let’s assume he is providing a valid argument. Ironically, his rather convoluted argument merely supports what Bush critics have been claiming for years – there were no insurgents inside Iraq until the American invasion brought them into the country. Prior to the American invasion of Iraq, the last country to help terrorists function inside that country would have been Syria, which had enough problems on its hands dealing with Lebanon. How is one able to make Bush supporters grasp the point that their mad invasion of Iraq has destabilized that nation as well as the entire Middle East? How is one to make gung-ho backers of Bush/Rumsfeld/Cheney ideas that we had to invade Iraq to get rid of WMD, bring democracy, get rid of terrorists, kill them in Iraq before they killed us in America, and carry out God’s commandments was an invitation to terrorism? I suspect in the future, al Qaeda will make George Bush their patron saint because he provided them more supporters and military equipment than anyone else.
Information from Marine Corps Times