Muslim Army For Muslim Nation

In 2003. as American forces moved on Baghdad, this blog urged the United States to hold off on allowing Americans to enter the capital and seek the aid of troops from Arab nations in order to allow the people of Iraq to have a sense of being freed from their dictator by fellow Arabs rather than by western troops. During World War II, General Eisenhower made American troops halt outside Paris in order to allow a French division to be lead troops into their own capital. The result was a tremendous morale booster for the people of France. It is now time to consider that once American troops leave Iraq in 2011 there replacement could be an Arab army drawn from several nations such as Egypt or Jordan or even Turkey. It is time for those fromt eh West to be replaced by those from the Middle East.

General Ray Odierno has posed the possibility of the UN assuming peace keeping responsibilities in Iraq after departure of American forces. It is a sound idea, but these UN troops should be Muslim soldiers in order to maintain the self confidence of the people of Iraq that Muslims control the safety of their nation.