No Comment No. 2

We print without comment a blog excerpt from “A Candle in the Dark,” written by a medic while in Iraq who is now home and still writing.

“Fourth Brigade Two is in Baghdad alongside 3rd Brigade including a few Tomahawks from 2-23 Infantry. This wears on me. I have friends in 4th Brigade who were pulled over from US right after we got home. One buddy who was in my platoon sent me a message over the instant messenger at 2:00 a.m. saying: ‘It’s crazy over here.’

The numbers get smaller for me as new units deploy. Guys get out, they move on to other units, they don’t care anymore and lose contact with the rest of us, but there are enough still running around that we all have a stake in the fight. Whether emotional or physical the connection of the war is carried inside always. Civilians will never understand and I know why the Vietnam vets have so many issues with the war and its legacy.

What if we lose?

All of us, the shooters, the Sailors, Airmen and Marines will forever have the guilt of being on the losing side of a misguided policy. We will carry the unnecessary loss of friends who ran headlong into the shit feeling they were doing the right thing. We all felt the call that Toby Keith made millions off it. We were to be the liberators, and we were, but something went wrong. The civilians of this country are a fickle bunch, and the policy of victim hood will be tacked on to us for having been used.

We do this for America, not Washington. This is not to condemn nation of bad policy or political bullshit. This is a cementing of friendship and contradictory as we are, those left here again feel the loss, know the names, remembers the hours of joking and laughing with these men we’ve lost and hope the next name published is not one we know.”

Information from A Candle in the Dark