No Comment to a ‘Democratic Veteran’

The following is from the blog of Democratic Veteran. It was written a month or so ago, but it is still pertinent. We print it without comment.

“The Army is now admitting that they covered up how Pat Tillman died. Is there anyone who is associated with this lying, corrupt administration who can say anything other than mistakes were made? Is the Pentagon getting their PR flack assist from Abu Gonzales?

The family of Pat Tillman has to finally feel vindicated and more than a little used by the 1600 crew in their cynical exploitation of the tragic death of their son and brother to further the propaganda efforts of the war effort. I hope they can have some small solace now knowing the Army finally owned up to lying. Those fuckers stand there and say it’s all about ‘Duty, Honor, Country!’ Where were those traits when they were talking to the Tillmans after his death?

Information from Democratic Veteran