No Comment

We print without comment the following letter that appeared in the Stars & Stripes on May 17, 2007. Those who serve have the right to speak for themselves without editorial comments.

“Recent polls have shown a number of soldiers and Marines have issues with the battlefield preached by our modern enlightened nation. Though, this is troubling, it should come as no surprise. The practices of Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and ‘black sites’ around eastern Europe demonstrate a disregard for basic human rights at the highest levels.

With whom should we be more upset? The private who hits an Iraqi civilian or the government that questionably handles the men it has indefinitely imprisoned without charge of trial? The solution to problems like this need to start at the top to be effective. If we really hold the values we’re defending dear, then we should practice them.”
-Second Lieutenant Patrick DePriest, Mosul, Iraq

Information from Stars & Stripes