No Extension of Deployments — As of Today

Secretary Robert Gates says there is no plan to extend length of deployment of soldiers, as of the present. General Pace admits despite the “surge” of troops attacks upon individual brigades remains steady at about five to seven per day.

President Bush promised that his surge plan would lead to “victory” in iraq. The surge plan has now been in effect for several months, and according to leaders of the troops, there has not been any appreciable difference in the number of attacks per day upon each of the brigades. Part of the problem in evaluating Bush’s surge stems from his failure to define the exact nature as to what would constitute “victory.” Is it reduction in number of attacks? Is it reduction in deaths per week or month? Is it a scene in which al-Qaeda leaders gather in a tent and formally surrender? What is “success” and what is “victory?”

By the way, over the past three days, fifteen more American fighting men and women died. The total is now 3540.