NRA – If You Love America – Give Us Your Ammo!

Ammunition shipments to local gun shops and police departments are being delayed for months because the Army has more than tripled its demand for small caliber ammunition. According to Lana Usher, spokesperson for Ultramax Ammunitions, “There are millions of rounds back-ordered because the war has put such a demand on the manufacturers.”

Hundreds of people are being hired to keep up with bullet demands of the armed forces, but ammo shortages are impacting local gun shops, which provide ammunition for NRA members. We of The Impudent Observer expect all NRA members, as loyal Americans, to cease firing their weapons for the duration of the conflict in Iraq in order that our brave fighting men and women can continue blasting away at unseen insurgents. Of course, I assume NRA members share my confusion. Didn’t our brave president tell us four years ago, “Mission Accomplished?”

It is the viewpoint of this blog that the entire Iraq War was planned by al-Qaeda, not to attack America, but to destroy the NRA by taking bullets out of the hands of decent Americans who wish to protect themselves against rapists and thieves. Remember NRA members, the bullet not fired against rapists is being fired against insurgents. Let rapists run wild in your bedroom while you watch with a gun devoid of bullets. And, come election time in November 2008, vote for all candidates put up by the Democratic Party, the only party which guarantees you will have plenty of ammo because they intend to withdraw American forces from Iraq.
Information from Navy Times