Oops, More From the Bush-led Anti-Iranian Campaign

Ships packed with 17,000 sailors and Marines moved into the Persian Gulf as the U.S. Navy staged another show of force off Iran’s coast just days before U.S.-Iran talks in Baghdad. According to Vice Admiral Kevin J. Cosgriff, commander of the 5th fleet, “this training demonstrates our commitment to security and stability in the Gulf area and our commitment to regional partners.

I’m sorry Admiral Cosgriff, but you are confused. As far as I know, Iran is shipping oil all over the world because it needs that oil money to keep a discontented population under control. The last thing on the mind of the Iranian government is fighting the United States and witnessing disappearance of their oil money. Heck, President Ahmadinejad’s party suffered a terrible election defeat several months ago in local elections in Iran.

Do you ever get the feeling Bush gets confused when he begins one of his moral crusades for democracy? Back to the record:

  1. Iran hated al-Qaeda and the Taliban.
  2. The Iranian government provided secret support for American action in Afghanistan and was even willing to enter into negotiations in 2003 to resolve Middle Eastern conflicts.
  3. Iran has never invaded a country or taken any hostile actions against the U.S.A.

Logic Would Deduce:

  1. If the United States wiped out Iran, then al-Qaeda and Sunni forces in Iraq would become even more powerful, leading to an INCREASE IN VIOLENCE!
  2. George, baby, haven’t you yet figured out that every time you announce a policy to reduce violence it invariably results in a rise in violence?
  3. George, please tell General Petraeus to stop focusing on the Iranians and deal with all the terrorists YOUR POLICIES BROUGHT INTO IRAQ.
  4. Information from Army Times and Navy Times