Operation Kamaria- A Pretend End to Genocide

This month, Australian and American troops are conducting a joint exercise off the coast of Australia entitled, “Operation Kamaria.” The fictional nation of Kamaria in Africa is engaged in a genocidal program and the UN has sanctioned American and Australian troops to end the genocide.

I find it interesting we can round up 20,000 American and 7,500 Australian troops to conduct an exercise to halt a fictional genocide but can’t find ten thousand to end the Darfur genocide. As part of the exercise, there will be amphibious landings, air combat engagements and various maritime activities. If the exercise deals with Africa why are they practicing amphibious landings or imagining some African nation has any sort of air force to challenge the American, let alone the Australian air force?

For once, I would like America to cease pretending and living in fantasy. I would like America to take decisive action to protect the people of Darfur. We don’t need “exercises,” we need action.