Polar Views Of The Iraq War

The Veterans of Foreign Wars which is mainly composed of those who fought in World War II and Vietnam is backing President Bush and urging Democrats to accept that Bush is commander-in-chief. As the VFW’s Gary Kurplus put it, “There is only one commander-in-chief of our armed forces – and both sides must clearly understand that our military comes from and belongs to the American people, not to the Democratic or Republican party.” He believes the armed forces have to be given “a chance to succeed by providing them the funding and patience they are requesting.”

On the other side are the Veterans for Peace which is mainly composed of those who fought in Iraq. As the Veterans for Peace noted, Bush is claiming “setting a date for withdrawal is setting a date for failure and that is irresponsible.” The VFP argues “setting a date for withdrawal is setting a date to begin a new policy. Bush is the one who is irresponsible. It is irresponsible to continue a failed policy…We demand both Republican and Democrats use the power of the purse to de-fund the war, bring our troops home, and fund their recovery and health.”

I find it fascinating the VFW (technically, I could be a member since I served during the Korean War) never expresses a single word about the impact of war upon those fighting, nor does its statement indicate concern for health issues being faced by those returning to America. I have a solution that can satisfy both viewpoints: SET A DATE FOR VICTORY. Since Bush doesn’t want to set a date for withdrawal, let’s have him set a date for final victory on the assumption if that date comes and there is no “victory” then everyone comes home.
Information from VFW and VFP