Possible New G.I. Bill of Rights

Rep. Vic Snyder is leading the way to reform the GI Bill of Rights in recognition of new developments created by the war in Iraq. He is heading the fight for the Total Force Educational Assistance Enhancement and Integration Act of 2007, which is supported by the Partnership for Veterans’ Education. “The big motivator for all of us is the disparity (in education benefits) between reserve component people versus those from the active component, even though both may have served the full year overseas in a war zone,” says Snyder.

The proposed new legislation would guarantee that reserve and National Guard education benefits would rise proportionally with active-duty Montgomery GI Bill (MGIB) benefits. It would allow these soldiers to accrue month by month benefits, which currently are $1075 per month, and allow them up to ten years to use the education benefits. Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, who served in Vietnam, has introduced an education benefit bill for personnel who have been deployed since 9/11 so benefits would cover tuition, room, board and provide a monthly stipend of $1000. These benefits would go to personnel who served for two years of active duty after 9/11.
Information from Stars & Stripes

The educational tragedy for servicemen is failure on the part of those who received such generous benefits after World War II to reciprocate by providing similar educational opportunities for those serving in subsequent wars. Much was given to those who gave much in World War II, similarly we must give much to those who presently serve in a misguided mad venture created by George Bush.