Private Law Firms Ride to Rescue of Veterans

Three law firms — Foley & Gardner, LLP, LeBoeuf, Lamb, Greene & MacRae, LLP, and King & Spalding, LLP have offered free legal advice to veterans residing in the Washington D.C. area who believe they have been shortchanged in the their disability classification by the armed forces. It’s no longer a secret that committees making decisions regarding how much disability payment a veteran should obtain for injuries suffered in Iraq have been consistently low-balled.

My concern is why must veterans serving their country be rescued by a few law firms. It would be more logical if Congress began an immediate investigation of the process by which disabilities are decided. It would be interesting to find out if there is a disparity between the percent of disability awarded an officer versus that which is granted an enlisted man. Is there a difference in percentage between what is granted members of active duty personnel versus that granted to members of the Reserve or National Guard? There is no need for private law firms to assist veterans, it is the responsibility of the armed forces to treat those who served with dignity, fairness, and respect.
Navy Times June 4, 2007 “Firms Offer Free Legal Help for Inured Troops”