Rep. Susan Davis Fights for Soldiers

Rep. Susan Davis has taken over the House Armed Services military subcommittee, and is pushing for legislation that benefits the average serviceman. She challenges President Bush on military pay raises seeking 3.5% to his 3%. Rep. Davis is also deleting the president’s plan to raise copayment fees for the Tricare medical health system.

Among the most important changes Rep. Davis would like is a complete overhaul of the mental health system in order to improve services for those suffering from post traumatic stress. She also wants to closely monitor examples of sexual harassment in the military.

Right wing commentators continually proclaim that liberals don’t care about our fighting men and women. Rep. Davis is a liberal Democrat who will ensure the military gets higher pay raises than what President Bush seeks and an improved mental health system. By the way, as an example of her concern for those fighting, she just pushed through a piece of legislation that gives soldiers returning form overseas deployment an extra 13 months to repay college loans. I wish Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter could provide some concrete evidence that Republicans care about our fighting men and women.