Republicans Concerned About Iran

In 2001, American forces swept into Afghanistan in the aftermath of 9/11 attacks to the cheers of the nation and those of Republicans in Congress. President Bush promised he would ensure that democracy came to the people of Afghanistan and among the initial steps was creation of an Afghan army. In 2004 debates with his Democratic opponent, John Kerry, George Bush told the American people the US was in the process of creating a 100,000 man army in Afghanistan. The assumption presented by the Bush administration was a powerful Afghan army was emerging that would balance that of Iran. During the fall of 2001, reform President Khatami of Iran reached out to President Bush and offered to negotiate any problems between the countries. Bush responded with his infamous “axis of evil” speech. For some reason, I do not recall any Republican Congressional concern about our relations with Iran nor questioning of the Bush foreign policy toward that nation.

Republican Rep. Trent Franks deplored the fact that Iran’s “radical ideology”is not being addressed by the Obama administration. Where the hell were Republicans during the EIGHT YEARS UNDER BUSH WHEN NOTHING WAS DONE ABOUT IRAN? Why is it when Democrats inherit Republican messes, it is Democrats who are blamed for inaction, but never the perpetrators of the problem?