Republicans Losing Military Support

In a December 2006 poll conducted by the Military Times, there appears to be evidence of a significant change in attitudes of our military toward Bush and the war in Iraq. For the first time since the polls were taken, a majority of our fighting men and women oppose the war in Iraq. The polls indicate 355 support the President’s handling of the war, and 42% oppose it. For the first time since these polls were taken, only 41% approve of the initial decision to go to war, and a majority opposes Bush’s declaration of war. In another interesting fact from the polls, the number of servicemen identifying themselves as Republicans has dropped from 61% to 46%. A high percentage classify themselves as Independents or Democrats.
Information from the Military Times

We continually hear from the President, the Vice President and Republican leaders like Giuliani and McCain that their party “supports the troops.” It appears most troops really don’t want the support being offered by the likes of McCain or the golden boy, Rudy G. Perhaps if Republican candidates for next year’s election actually supported the troops then a lot of them would be headed home.