Rise In Gang Activities In Armed Forces

The Army’s Criminal Investigation Command and the FBI report a significant rise in gang related activities in the armed forces. In 2007, 7.9% of recruits received moral waivers due to prior criminal records while in 2003 only 4.6 received such waivers. The FBI has identified gangs operating at many posts.There are 40 members of the Folk Nation gang at Ft. Bliss while the Gangster Disciples have a large contingent at Ft. Hood. These gangs are involved in robberies, assaults drugs, and other illegal activities.A spokesperson for the CID said: “It’s a low threat, but it’s a serious problem.”

President Bush continues emphasizing we must fight over there to prevent violence over here. It appears due to the nature of a volunteer army stretched thin, the armed forces are now witnessing the presence of violent men and women who bring their gang activities along with them.