Senator McCain Attacks President Bush For Failing At Leadership

Senator John McCain of Arizona unleashed a blasting critique of President Bush’s failure at leadership in the aftermath of 9/11. The senator said: “I believe that the big mistake that our leadership of our nation made after 9/11 is we told people to go shopping and we told them to take a trip.” McCain said Bush should have called upon the American people to join the military and take an active role in fighting terrorism in the world. He is confident thousands would have responded to a call to act in a patriotic manner. McCain was also critical of Hillary Clinton for voting to attack Iraq and now changing her mind.

It is ironic that McCain is now saying the American people after 9/11 should have been asked to sacrifice for their country. Senator McCain voted for the Bush tax cuts that benefited wealthy people in this nation and it is difficult to recall a single bill introduced by the senator from Arizona which required sacrifice on the part of Americans. He loyally voted for war in Iraq, he loyally supported every Bush action, and now McCain is claiming mistakes were made in leadership. It took McCain four years to change his mind about Bush’s leadership capacities, but now he is upset that Senator Hillary Clinton changed her mind about the war in Iraq. Senator McCain, if you can change your mind, so can everyone else.