Senator Warner Blasted By Fellow Republicans

Senator Warner returned from a trip to Iraq urging the recall of at least 5,000 troops by Christmas as a symbolic gesture. He apparently has grown weary of failures on the part of Iraqi political leaders to make progress on forming a truly unified government and creating an effective fighting force. Warner’s comments angered fellow Republican senators. James Inhofe said Warner’s remarks were “premature and irresponsible” while John Comryn said, “It’s a little curious to me that people are proposing a change in strategy when in fact the current strategy appears now to be working.”

Warner argued he had to speak up before Bush made up his mind in September in order to alert the president to the reality of the situation in Iraq. His response to fellow Republicans was, “I’ve always said politics be damned.” One can only wonder if Bush will now go around the nation urging the defeat of Senator Warner in next year’s election on ground Warner is betraying the American people– that was the argument against Democrats who raised objections. I guess when Republicans want to cut and run it differs from when Democrats want to cut and run. As for Inhofe,,let’s not forget he claims evolution is an unproven theory.