“Sole Survivor” Bill Passed In Congress

Unlike other wars in American history in which large sectors of the population were directly impacted by the death of wounding of those fighting, the Iraq war has only been felt by less than one percent of the nation. Americans pick up their daily newspaper and read about the death of a soldier in some unknown Iraq or Afghanistan village, feel a moment of sorrow and go on to the sport pages. The Hubbard family which lives in California had a different experience since Mr. and Mrs. Hubbard were compelled to witness the death of two of their sons in combat. Due to a World War II event when the Sullivan family lost five sons, Army policy is that any surviving son would be released from active duty to ensure the family did not lose all their children.

Jason Hubbard left the army after the death of his two brothers but soon encountered military red tape which insisted since he left the service prior to completion of his original term, he would be denied health coverage and access to the GI Bill of Rights. However, Senator Diane Feinstein, of California pushed through the Hubbard Act which now guarantees in such situations the surviving child will receive all normal benefits provided those who have served.

Since September 11, 2001, there are at least 50 sole survivors of those who died in Iraq and Afghanistan. One can only wonder how President Bush sleeps in the evening.