State Rights Runs Amuck

The Tea Party and those who support increasing rights of states are prepared to fight the “evil federal government” which continues taking away the rights of God fearing Americans. A legislator in Virginia is introducing a bill that would ban gays and lesbians from serving in the state National Guard. He wants to send a message to the federal government that decent folk in the state of Virginia will not cotton to having them damn Yankees up north make their sons and daughters get infected by gays and lesbians. In the world of the Tea Party, everything went down hill after we ended the Articles of Confederation and adopted than damn Constitution which gave power to the federal government. It is always amusing to hear Tea Party folk cite the Constitution to support their efforts to increase state rights, given that the Constitution was written by men who wanted to reduce state rights and give increased power to the central government. Of course, few Tea Party members actually understand the meaning of the Constitution.

The good news from Virginia is that Governor Bob McDonnell has made clear the state National Guard must adhere to policies of the United States army. I guess this McDonnell guy is one of them SOCIALISTS who is trying to take away OUR RIGHTS!!