The Iranian Card

General David Petraeus, senior U.S. commander of forces in Iraq, claimed the involvement of Iranians is “absolutely nefarious. It is hugely damaging to Iraq. It is fuelling the Shi’a militia side of things and causing enormous problems for Iraq.”

According to General Petraeus, Iran has trained “dozens” of fighters in Iran, and provided guns, ammunition and bombs. The general has evidence of secret agents and insists the religious leader of Iran, Khamenei, knows what is going on and supports the effort. In a confusing statement, General Petraeus argues that Iran “can’t want a failed state” and wants Iraq to succeed since that would lead to the first Arab Shiite led state in the Middle East.

Let’s see if we can get things clear:

  1. Iran hated Saddam, who had invaded their country.
  2. There were no Iranians in Iraq under Saddam, who would have killed them right away.
  3. Bush ordered an invasion to topple Saddam, the enemy of Iran.
  4. The United States, led by generals like Petraeus, wiped out the Iraq army which had invaded Iran, and in so doing, destroyed the only army in the Middle East, aside from Israel, which could contain Iran.
  5. Saddam hated al-Qaeda and there were no al-Qaeda groups during his watch.
  6. Now, according to General Petraeus, there are Iranians and they are supplying Shiite Iraq leaders in their campaign to wipe out Sunnis.

Based on the above, the only logical conclusions one can deduce are;

  1. Bush actions directly led to Iranians entering Iraq and becoming involved in terrorist activities.
  2. Shiite leaders – they control the Iraq government, want Iranians in their nation because they need their help in fighting the Shiites.
  3. Logic would conclude that General Petraeus should be welcoming the Iranian presence since they support the government of Iraq, which he is trying to maintain in power.
  4. The Iranians and the Shiites and the Americans all oppose al-Qaeda. Therefore, General Petraeus has another reason to welcome Iranians.

I trust everyone now understands that General Petraeus is confused. Based on Bush actions and logic, the good general should work with Iranians.