US Suspends Travel For Diplomats In Iraq

This past weekend’s shootings in which the security company, Blackwater, USA, opened fire and killed several Iraqi civilians has resulted in the American Embassy in Baghdad forbidding anyone from leaving the heavily guarded Green Zone. Blackwater initially claimed it was ambushed while guarding a State Department motorcade, but subsequent reports indicate the incident began when a car failed to halt and Blackwater personnel opened fire killing a couple and their child. Later, it appears a Blackwater helicopter killed twenty people.

The use of civilians to perform military functions has been among the greatest mistakes in American military history. These civilians employees can commit any crime and get away from being tried in Iraq. Historically, soldiers did the work of soldiers which meant better trained people performing in the field. Blackwater personnel are essentially mercenaries and historically, mercenaries do not make the best soldiers.

What does America now do since its diplomats are stuck in Baghdad being unable to travel in Iraq? How about asking the US Army to take over the task of protecting our diplomats? That would be an innovation.