We Fight, We Leave, Insurgents Return

We of The Impudent Observer have been arguing for months that Bush’s surge is doomed to failure. The basic problem is lack of support from the civilian population for Iraqi military forces, as well as lack of enthusiasm for fighting on the part of those forces. Several senior American military officers are now arguing the same points. It increasingly is apparent Iraqi police and military forces are not capable of maintaining law and order.

General Rick Lynch who has been leading US forces around Baghdad recently commented: “The issue is we can’t stay here forever and there’s got to be a persistent presence and that’s got to be the Iraqi security forces. And, that’s always our biggest concern.” Mr. President, hundreds of American troops will die and thousands will be wounded to “secure an area.” Unfortunately, after shedding that blood, the area will cease being “secure” once American forces turn it over to Iraqi troops. Bush simply does not grasp the war in Iraq is as much a political operation as a military.