We Will Succeed In Iraq, and If We Don’t We Will Call it Success

The congressional required report on progress in Iraq was issued and it included typical George Bush language. “I believe we can succeed in Iraq and I know we must,” claimed the president. His report did admit the existence of a few minor irritations such as “the security situation in Iraq remains complex and extremely challenging.” Of course, the president made it known he would only allow the military to make final decisions and would not be influenced “because pollsters say it’ll be good politics.”

As I recall, the Chief of Staff, General Shineski told the president prior to the invasion of Iraq that the attacking force required at least another 200,000 troops to secure the areas being seized, but Bush response with insults and, essentially, firing the general. He certainly did not follow advice given by the military. Perhaps, the president could explain to the American public what has led to this change in attitude. Now, he is ready to listen. Unfortunately, for Bush, the American public is tired of his lies and deceit and they prefer listening to those urging a policy of cut and run.