Wearing of the Fatigues

A military panel recommended a non-punitive general discharge for Adam Kokesh who wore his uniform at a political anti-war protest demonstration. I am a bit confused. If it is against military policy to wear uniforms at political rallies does this mean George Bush, as commander-in-chief of the armed forces, was guilty of violating military rules when he appeared on an aircraft carrier — in partial uniform — while conducting a political rally to help him win the 2004 presidential election?

I have also watched generals and admirals dressed in uniform appear before congressional committees and utter nonsense about the war in Iraq in order to protect President Bush. Their statements are blatantly political and are expressed in order to curry favor with their commander-in-chief. How about a general discharge for one of these lackeys who failed in an officer’s number one duty — protect the men under your command from harm.
Information from Marine Corps Times, June 4, 2007. “Panel Recommends General Discharge for Kokesh”