What If?

Each day gets us closer to questions of, “what if?” What if there is no appreciable difference in death or control of areas around Baghdad, what if insurgent forces continue fighting, what if division continues within the Iraq government, add all these what ifs together and you have a mess on your hands.

There is increasing evidence Republican congressmen are frightened because of the Iraq debacle. They voted for it, they enthusiastically supported it, they said loud and clear anyone opposing our presence in Iraq was a friend of terrorists. So, what now? They have no choice, but to cut and run from the disaster awaiting their party. Men and women fighting want out, and their spouses and family wants them out. The only remaining question is whether the running begins in September or October.

However, Republicans still have to deal with supporting a complete withdrawal which results in even more chaos in Iraq and collapse of the present government. What then, my friends?