Where Is The Money!

Republicans pride themselves on being the party of fiscal responsibility unlike spendthrift Democrats. Of course, Democratic President Bill Clinton left Republican George Bush a budget surplus, but when it comes to satisfying needs of wealthy folk, Republicans will leave no bill unturned in order to get the bills in their hands. It now turns out, George Bush and his buddies sort of lost track of a few dollars that were supposed to be used in reconstruction of Iraq. According to Stuart Bowen, who heads the accounting office that monitors how the money was spent, or at least, how the money was SUPPOSED to be spent, there are a few dollars unaccounted for. He estimates about $8 BILLION disappeared when arriving in Iraq. This is the “largest theft of funds in national history.” The money was flown in by C-130 bombers and sent to military camps and government centers in Iraq, but as of this date, no one has the faintest idea what happened to the dough!

Of course, there is a possibility the money wound up in contractor accounts. As of this date, over $60 Billion was sent from the US to rebuild Iraq. Flash! Just in from Fox News. It is now clear the money was taken by liberal Democrats who wanted to embarrass the Bush administration and it was given to ACRORN and other groups working with the poor.