Who Is David Cole?

The ongoing Republican mantra is that Barack Obama is not who he claims to be, and, in reality, is a black dude from Africa who was sent to the USA as part of a  Muslim plot to take over our country. David Stein, a  conservative Republican whose Republican Party Animals organized hundreds of gatherings to further the Republican agenda  to expose Barack Obama for who he really is– a man who hates America and all it stands for.  Stein also dabbled in the Holocaust and make films depicting its horror. Oh, one minor problem. David Stein is not who he is. He is really David Cole, who in the past was a prominent Holocaust denier and worked to expose the lies about Adolf Hitler being an anti-Semite!

How could a prominent Republican conservative be a Holocaust denier who defends Hitler? I am not surprised. David Cole or David Stein or whoever, insists Obama was not born here, he insist the President hates the USA. I assume if he compared Obama to Hitler Cole/Stein was simply complimenting the African rather than insulting him. God bless Republicans. I await the truth about Sarah Palin, a Socialist who fights for protecting  animals and the environment.