Who’s On First?–Anybody? No, He’s Running Elsewhere

The Iowa free-for-all and the upcoming New Hampshire jigsaw offer any politician running for the presidency ample glee since, select your poll, and you can obtain the result desired. Barack Obama claims his polls indicate he has widened his lead in the Iowa poll by at least seven points over Hillary Clinton. But, the New York senator is gleefully pointing to today’s Zogby Poll which indicates she is ahead at 30% followed by Obama at 26% and Edwards at 25%. The Republican primary is moving in the direction of Mike Huckabee who appears in the lead by 32% to Mitt Romney’s 26%. The nation will have to wait until tomorrow evening to finally discover which of the polls is anywhere near the mark of accuracy.

In a rather surprising move, Dennis Kucinich advised his Iowa supporters to switch their vote to Barack Obama if his total did not reach the 15% mark. This adds a new complexity to the swirling confusion surrounding the Iowa primary. Meanwhile, in New Hampshire, the once dead campaign of John McCain took on new life when he apparently surged into the lead with 31% to Romney’s 26%. Mitt Romney has stacked considerable money and time into the two states and two defeats may be too much for the future of his campaign.