With British Soldiers in Afghanistan

British soldiers in Helmand province in south Afghanistan are thinly spread as they fight Taliban forces who intertwine themselves with local populations. This has resulted in extensive use of air power and resulting damage such as last week’s killing of 25 civilians. Following is an excerpt from an account by Lt. Matthew Fylis-Walker:
“It is the sounds I will take away above all else of the country and conflict. The muezzin’s call to prayer, the crack of AK rounds, the whiz of an RPG, the whine of rockets and, of course, the explosions. So often we catch only a fleeting glimpse of our enemy, but we hear his rounds for hours at a time.”

Remember, Bush ordered a halt to efforts to wipe out the Taliban because he wanted those WMD. Now, death and destruction follow in his blunders. When will Republicans finally realize the extent of this man’s incompetence?