A Crazy Man Dies

He was a 65 year old white man raised in the state of Alabama. He lived in an area of this nation in which people constantly hear ministers or neighbors or political leaders or the media preach the gospel of fear about the American government. Jimmy Lee Dykes was convinced “the government” was out to get him, enter his home in the dead of night and grab his weapons so what else could he do but gather together rifles and pistols and prepare himself for the final battle against “the government.” For some unknown reason he entered a school bus, shot the driver and seized a five year old boy.

During the following week, the hated “police” which represented “the government” besieged his residence. Finally, yesterday police feared he might hurt the boy and charged into the shelter where he was hiding. It is unclear but somehow Jimmy Dykes died. The boy was saved.

To what extent are those on Fox News or the NRA responsible for brainwashing the mind of Jimmy Dykes?