A Plea for Love, Not Hate

Hakan Akcura, a Swedish-Turk web artist is attempting to integrate the cultures of Armenia, Turkey, and the Kurds through use of videos and films. He was impacted by the assassination of Hrant Dink, the Armenian-Turkish reporter who fought to end hatred in his homeland. Akcura believes the death of Dink was part of a nationalist drive to spread their ideas of hate.

Akcura disliked Saddam Hussein, but was upset at the gleeful manner in which his death was celebrated. He put together a video of the assassination in order to point out how George Bush glories in death rather than embraces love. Akcura, an immigrant in Sweden, has encountered discrimination, but refuses to allow hate to take precedence over love.

Akcura raises an important point about the war in Iraq. It was begun, not merely for the wrong reasons, but in a passion of hate and fear. Bush gloried in every moment of military triumph and hid from the violence that emerged from his own violent acts. He desperately wants to return to his moment of glory and ignore the pain which emerged from his actions. Perhaps, one can make words like “love” gooey and unimportant since macho men like Bush are unable to articulate such emotions. The greatness of Abraham Lincoln is the compassion and absence of hate in his heart despite presiding over the presidency at a time when 500,000 lost their lives, not 3,000.