A Trial In Putin Land

I understand that Dorothy wanted to go to the land of Oz and see the wise man who understood life, but she now has the opportunity to go to the land of Putin and meet the wise man who has made Russia become a peaceful  land. Oh, they do have things termed a “trial” but it merely is a means of showing the world that the verdict that was arranged before the trial is simply the verdict that will come after the trial has proceeded. Only ONE PERCENT OF TRIALS IN RUSSIA CONCLUDE WITH A VERDICT OF INNOCENCE. Why waste time on trials when the only important issue is the verdict? Just ask Alexei Navalny who made the fatal error of charging that President Vladimir Putin was wrong!

How can the man who is always right be wrong? A trial was necessary in order to make clear to Navalny that on matters of truth, there is only one truth. Navalny was sent to a court five hundred miles from Moscow, arrived in the town, the judge listened for a moment and then adjourned the trail to April. Of course, when April comes, Navalny will travel 500 hundred miles, get off the train and be told the trial is adjourned. After several such examples the  media will cease coming to the trial that does not take place. Once it is clear there will be no media coverage, the trial can proceed and the verdict that is known can finally be told.